PVS stands out as a prominent service provider in the ship chartering market. Leveraging an expansive network of owners and brokers, our primary goal is to locate the most suitable vessels in line with our customers’ specific requirements. Our expertise extends to chartering tonnage for routes typically not covered by liner-service companies and for transporting items that may not conventionally be shipped as containerized or conventional cargo on a liner vessel.

As a leading service provider in vessel chartering, particularly in South East Asia, we excel in facilitating the transportation of various types of cargo to destinations across the globe.

Our vessel chartering services encompass both liquid and dry cargo, supported by a robust network of vessel owners and brokers that positions us as an ideal partner for all part-charter and full-charter needs. We specialize in cargo ships chartering, focusing on commodities such as forestry timber logs, wood pulp, wood chips, and panel products like plywood and MDF.

At PVS, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering efficient and reliable vessel chartering services, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly.