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In today’s competitive marketplace, the distance between the manufacturer and the end user continues to shrink at a significant rate. As a result, companies like ours that are part of the supply chain must strive to add value for both our suppliers and our customers. It gives me great satisfaction to see the role that PVS International has carved out for itself in this chain where we are able to offer a much-needed service to our vendors as well as our clients.

With purchasing offices in China and Indonesia, we provide our suppliers not only with financial capital but also a chance to export their products all over the world, especially to countries that they have no previous connection with. Our sales strategy is to provide our customers with a full-scale supply chain starting from locating the ideal factory for the product they desire, to arranging the logistics that delivers the material right to their doorstep.

I cannot heap enough praise on the fantastic team of people we have assembled over the years who unceasingly put in their best efforts to sustain our rapid growth. With the support of our partners worldwide, we hope to continue in this vein and achieve our dream of becoming truly global players in the forestry products industry.

Vijay Nihalani
PVS International

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