The components that are used in the manufacturing of MARINEPLEX® Film Face Plywood are the core, glue & film. Wood is cut into layers which are then felted and hot pressed to form the sheets. The primary bond is derived from the felting and inherent adhesive properties of the fiber.

Marineplex film face Plywood – Core Options : Combi (Poplar + Hardwood mix) or Pure Hardwood
Marineplex film face Plywood – Glue Options : MR (Moisture Resistant) / WBP (Water & Boil Proof)
Marineplex film face Plywood – Film Options : Dynea brand phenolic film – 180 GSM or 120 GSM

MARINEPLEX® film face plywood is widely sold all over the GCC, MENA and South Asia. It has become one of the most popular brands of Film Face Plywood in these regions and is known for its consistency and durability. We can also offer FSC Certified MARINEPLEX film face plywood through our Chain of Custody certificate system.

Quality Control:

The production process involves 2 level of quality checks by our own teams; first at the manufacturing facility and then at the load port before shipping.

Supply facility:

Marineplex is manufactured in China and supplied to various ports worldwide from our facilities at Lianyungang & Qingdao. The monthly supply capacity is 40000 CBM.

PVS International is the exclusive worldwide supplier of MARINEPLEX® Film Face Plywood. A well-established dealer network is in place for distribution of this premium brand.

MARINEPLEX® brand and the M logo is the registered trademark of PVS International (S) Pte. Ltd.

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