What are the different industries that PVS products cater to?

Our products are used in various industries such as construction, packaging, and furniture manufacture.


Through what channel does PVS sell its products?

All our sales are done through our partner, United Agencies, that is based in Dubai, UAE and has been supplying to the above-mentioned industries in the MENA region and the Indian subcontinent since 1963.


Why shouldn’t I buy directly from the manufacturers?

For a number of reasons:

  • We find and select the best manufacturer for any particular product from many different options
  • We get preferential pricing due to our bulk purchases
  • We have our own quality control teams inspecting the material
  • We are in charge of the shipping and logistics to ensure that your order gets to you on time at the best possible rate
  • We send someone to you to solve any issues you may face with our products


What Certifications does PVS have:

We are proud to be FSCTM C109717 as well as ISO 9001:2015 Certified