PVS International is a global leader in the supply of wood products. Guided by a philosophy to provide quality and sustainable wood, it is a leading supplier to major industries including construction, packaging and furniture manufacture.

We partner with and finance wood mills and plantations committed to supply the widest range of best quality wood products to customers around the world providing excellent sales service with personal touch.

Product Range

At PVS International, we perform different roles of accumulation, quality control and inventory management for our valued customers. We facilitate and improve critical information flow from the supply side to the market side so that our direct customers can take informed decisions which benefits the whole chain.

PVS International offers a wide range of products from all over the world, classified into the following categories:

Sawn Timber

We offer excellent sources of timber for construction and furniture/pallet manufacturing in various.


PVS international specialize in supplying wood for manufacturing of pallets in various sizes from different origins


We suppy logs in both Softwood & Hardwood categories. Logs are being used in the plywood categories.


PVS international provides an extensive range of hardwoods from all over the world specially from Malaysia & Africa.

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