PVS International is a global leader in the supply of wood products. Guided by a philosophy to provide quality and sustainable wood, it is a leading supplier to major industries including construction, packaging and furniture manufacture.

We partner with and finance wood mills and plantations committed to supply the widest range of best quality wood products to customers around the world providing excellent sales service with personal touch.

With purchasing offices in China, Indonesia & Ecuador, the company has developed its proprietary supply chain management system where quality control and timely deliveries are given the utmost priority.

Apart from its sales office in India, the company channels all its international sales through its exclusive worldwide representative, United Agencies, which has been based in Dubai since 1963.

Our Partner


PVS International’s sales are handled exclusively by United Agencies which has been based in Dubai since 1963 and has completed its 50 years of existence in 2013. United Agencies was founded by Mr. Choithram Nihalani and has been strategically placed in Dubai to cater to the widespread demand of the construction industry in the Middle East & Africa region.

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