Teak logs

A tropical hardwood specimen of a tree known as Tectona Grandis, Teak is also known as “Burmese Teak”. Tectona Grandis is large in size, deciduous and dominant in mixed hardwood forests. With its strength being its durability and water resistance, teak timber is used for furniture, exterior construction, veneer, boat building, carving, turnings, and other wood projects. Providing resistance to termite attacks, moisture along with durability Teak Wood is used for indoor as well as outdoor furniture. Naturalized and cultivated in many countries in Africa and South America, Tectona Grandis is however native to South and South East Asia, mostly seen in india, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia Thailand and Burma.

PVS International exports teak from various regions of the world including Burma, India, Indonesia and Africa. Also we supply plantation teak from India, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama & Cost Rica in various dimensions. All our teak shipments are graded by well experienced graders and quality inspectors who inspect each and every piece before shipping out of our warehouses.